Caritas Hope Gallery

Schedule 2017, cOMING SOON!

Caritas will be making big changes in the coming months to our kitchen, gallery, meeting rooms and theatre. Until then Caritas Hope gallery will be working out of satellite locations through out Memphis. Please look for upcoming dates for exhibitions, performances and Chef Eli Cuisines.


Saturdays 3-4 pm, All ages Free

No Reservations, Limited Space

Centro Cultural is a non-profit organization that strives to meet the needs of our multi-cultural community by celebrating and promoting awareness of our cultural richness and diversity interpreted through the literary, performing, and visual arts. Our primary goal is to preserve our respective rich Latino cultural heritage and stimulate inter-generational dialogues among the disciplines, languages, and traditional and contemporary expressions.

Live,  Love,  Share & Learn:


Caritas Village uses art, music, hospitality, theatre, classes, and connections to creatively join people together in common goals from many different ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Art and Performance

Onie John Retirement

Onie John's contribution to the Arts changed Binghamton


The Caritas Village is undergoing change and growth in the coming year. To celebrate the past, present, and future of Caritas Village, artist friends of the Village are showing their work. Sales generated will benefit the artists but will also generate a 20% commission for future Village Projects. The show is Curated by Chere Doiron.



Caritas Village 2509 Harvard Ave.

Memphis, TN 38112 (901) 327-5246

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Caritas hours of operation:

9am - 8pm Monday - Saturday

Closed on Sundays and major holidays.

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