Habibi Capcut Template – Working Template Link 2023

While Capcut is known for its extensive range of photo and video editing capabilities, many people don’t know that it also offers a wide variety of templates for both photos and videos. You can directly use the premade template for your TikTok videos. The most amazing thing about the template is you do not have to do any editing while making the famous instagram reels. You can just insert your pictures and template will do the rest. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how to use the Habibi Capcut template to create stunning TikTok videos and Instagram reels or YouTube shorts for you. Habibi Template Capcut

What is Habibi Capcut template?

A Capcut template is a file that contains all the necessary information and settings for your Capcut video editing project. It includes the resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio, effects, styles, transitions and other important settings. Habibi Capcut template uses “Ricky Rich x Habibi [Albanian Remix]” Music which is very popular amongst the tiktok creators. There are several transitions and styles used in the template with some black flash glow effect. If you sit and decide to do the the habibi template like editing, it will take more than a day and still, you won’t be able to do the perfect editing. So, it is easy to use the habibi template which is easily accessible from our website.

Resolution and aspect ratio of habibi template

The habibi template is created by the capcut template creator named “[BP] Petmalu Edits” who also created bunch of other amazing templates. We all must thank him/her for this amazing template.  Now the aspect ratio of the template is 9:16 Which is perfect for youtube shorts, instagram reels and tiktok. If you want to know the resolution, it is 1080:1920 which is ideal ratio to fit the smartphone screen. 

Check the habibi template here before you do your editing

This is our official youtube channel named editzorial which you can subscribe if you want to keep up with latest video editing trend and capcut template. As you can see i have uploaded the habibi template example video which you can check. The channel also includes the video tutorial on how to use the habibi capcut template using the capcut video editing app. You can do it on iphone and android smartphones.

How to use Habibi Template?

To use the habibi template you will need these things in your phone. 
  1. Capcut App (You can download it from playstore or appstore)
  2. 4 Pictures for the video.
  3. Internet connection

Steps to use habibi capcut template?

  • First of all you have to open the capcut app.
  • After that minimize the app in the phone and click on the below given button. (Remember, Do not close the app. just minimize it.)
  • Now click on this habibi capcut template button.

Habibi Capcut Template

  • Once you click the button, you the official template link will get opened. 
  • There, just click on use this template.
  • Now the template will be opened in capcut application. 
  • In the capcut app, you will see the use template button on the right side at the bottom.
  • There you can insert any 4 images you want in the video.
  • Now click on export button to export the video in your phone.
Once you export the video from Capcut application, you can see it in the photo and video gallery of your smartphone. You can upload it to the tiktok or instagram or youtube.

What should be the aspect ratio of the photos for habibi template?

The aspect ratio for the habibi template should be 9:16 which is ideal for smartphone screen. We recommend you to only use the high quality and clear image with reslotion of 1080*1920 if you want to use the template perfectly. 
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