My cheeseburger was a religious experience...

Melting provolone flows over and through a mound of caramelized onions and sautéed mushrooms, a luscious kind of lava covering a mountain of ground beef, all between two pieces of a toasted artisan bun fighting, and losing, a battle to contain the whole eruption. What happens when flavors this diverse come together – in this sandwich and in this place – can restore your faith.
— Dan Conaway, Memphis The Daily News
A warm and welcoming restaurant...

in a neighborhood community center that so happens to be run by a trained chef. It’s soup and sandwiches, with a meat-and-two selections for lunch. The muffaletta, chicken BLT, meatloaf and lentil soups are excellent.
— The Commercial Appeal
I had one of the best Greek Gyros I’ve ever had, and the potato salad is really delicious!
— Bill Bannister, Underground Memphis

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