Why CapCut is Not Available in App Store ? [Solved]

Are you having the same problem ? Capcut is not showing in apple app store ? Well, its similar problem lots of people are facing. In our other post where I described how to use 3D Zoom Pro Effect on capcut, People are asking that Capcut app is not showing in their appstore. Then I searched and reached to the bottom of that issue and found the reason why capcut is not available in App store.

Why Capcut is not showing and available in app store ?

Capcut is actually Chinese app and the parent company who who created the capcut is ByteDance which is also the company who created TIktok. Since the Capcut is still in beta mode the app is not available in all the countries and regions. Capcut video editor has lots of features that attracts the designers and video content creators but since they are in beta mode the app is not available in many countries like india. I have listed some of the reasons why capcut is not available in your app store. All the reasons why capcut video editor is not showing in apply app store is listed below. see if you can relate to any reason and try to find the solution accordingly. why capcut is not available in playstore ?  

CapCut is free to use and that’s why its not available in your country/region¬†

We also can’t ignore the fact that the app is completely free to use and since the company didn’t monetize capcut it is only reasonable that its not available for every country on the planet. One of the reason could be the limited resources the company has to provide the app for free because of no monetization. capcut is free to use app   Since the company isn’t making any money out of the app they can not afford to provide the resources and services to every person on the planet. That could be the reason that Capcut is not available in your country.

Government Banned Chinese Apps and Capcut is not available  

Many countries are banning chinese products and people are boycotting the chinese apps and products. As i have mentioned earlier in the article, Capcut is owned by chinese menufacturer and developers ByteDance, Maybe your government has banned the capcut app too. You can find the list of banned apps in your countries in any popular website or in any news articles. Also since the corona virus lots of countries are angry with the Chinese government. They have hidden the virus for too long that it spread in all over the world and nobody had time to take the precautions. Since the outbreak of the virus lots of countries are banning the Chinese apps and products. That could be one of the reason why capcut is not available in your country’s app store. Government Banned Chinese apps   So find if the capcut is one of the app your government banned. If yes, then its not available to use in your country. When government bans any app, the apple app store doesn’t show that particular app to the citizens of that country.

What’s the solution ?

Well, even if its banned for whatever reason, its a damn good app and since there’s no good alternative to that app we must find the solution to use it. There are many ways you can use the capcut even if its not showing in your app store. You can always use VPN services to download the app. Also you can change the location and country in the appstore from the settings and download it for free. If you don’t know how to use Capcut in blocked country, you can read this guide. I have provided every necessary information in the article from how to use VPN service to how to change the location and country of the app store. If you find this article useful please let us know. You can comment your views down below or you can always contact us through the website. Thank you For reading the article patiently and giving us the feedback.

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