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How To Use 3D Zoom Pro Effect (Tiktok Trend) On Pictures Using Capcut ?

Guys! have you seen the latest trend of TikTok where they use 7 to 8 images and apply the 3D effect on that images? It looks like the person or animal in the picture is detached from the background and is emerging from the ground. If you look at the video closely you will see the pictures in the videos are zooming out. You are probably thinking that they are shooting the video that way and you have to learn how to shoot this type of videos but you are wrong. These are just normal pictures, captured with normal camera or phone camera and they are using Capcut app to apply the effect.

Well, it’s an excellent Effect, and I love it. That’s why I wanted to use that 3D Effect on my pictures and create a Tiktok video and Instagram reel. I searched for the Effect in various video editing apps. Still, I got nothing until I found the one app called Capcut.

Create trending Tiktok 3d Zoom Pro Effect Videos 

Hey guys, I am Mike and today I am going to teach you how to use that viral 3D Effect(3D Zoom Pro) on your pictures too. After reading this tutorial, you can also make a Tiktok video and participate in the new Tiktok trend.

Here’s an example of the effect I am talking about to confirm that you and I are on the same page!

Trending Tiktok 3d Effect


Now to create these types of videos and apply 3d effect to pictures, you need to do as I say.

1 Download the Capcut Application 

2 Open capcut app and create new project

3 Load the Image in the project

4 Apply the 3d Zoom Pro Effect to the pictures

5 Export the video and upload it to Tiktok or Instagram reel

Where is 3D Zoom Pro Effect in Capcut ?

3D Zoom pro effect is easy to find in the app. It’s not available under video effects section. When you select the specific media from the timeline on which you want to use 3d zoom pro, you can see the style button. This effect is available there with some other popular styles like velocity dance.

Video Tutorial For 3D Zoom Pro Effect Capcut 

Location of 3D Zoom pro 

Location of 3d zoom pro is at Select Media>Styles>3D Zoom Pro.

So, that’s it! now you can also create the trending videos and be a famous Tiktoker or Instagramer. For more video tutorials, do follow our notification service or subscribe to your website.

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