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How To Use CapCut Video Editor App In Blocked Region & Countries ?

When it comes to making videos for Tiktok and instagram reels, Capcut video editor is winner. It is the best video editing app you can find on the current market.

The admirable part about Capcut app is it follows the trends of social media. When new trend begins in Tiktok, Capcut immediately brings that features to the app so that people can create the trending videos.

Why You are Not able to use Capcut or some features of Capcut Video Editor ?

The app was launched in 2019 and since then the popularity of app keeps increasing. If you are from China, USA, Japan or Korea you may be able to use the app without any restrictions but if you belong to some third world countries like India, you may not be able to use the app.

The reason you are not able to use the CapCut app is probably the app is blocked in your region or country. This video editor is not available to use in every country on the planet and that’s why people find it hard to download the app.

Hey Guys I am Mike and I got the solution for you! There’s nothing which can not be done if you set your mind straight to it.

Since it’s not app is not availalbe in your country you will not find it in android playstore or appstore.

If you want to use the Capcut in blocked countries then read this article and follow the things I say. I guarantee you that it will work.

How to use Capcut in Blocked Region And Blocked Countries ?

First of all the app is not allowed in your country or your region so you can not download it officially from playstore or the appstore.

Download Capcut APK For Android  

For android users they can just download the app from any other source. Once you download the app you have to find the apk file in your file manager. It will be in downloads folder. Click on that apk file and install it in your phone. Now follow the Below given steps. (You will not be able to use all the features of app even if you have installed it properly! That’s why read the full article.)

Install Capcut Video Editor For Apple Iphone/ios Devices 

For Apple iphone users, its hard to download the app from any other source. So you have to change the location of the device. Don’t worry i am going to guide you though whole process.

Change location in appstore 

To change the location in appstore, you have to follow few steps.


Usually Non technical people will find it hard to use cap cut app in blocked region but I made it very simple. I have the solution in just one word – VPN. Yes, You can use any vpn service and use Capcut in blocked countries. 

Why VPN ? 

Well, the full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network. That means when you use vpn, you are connected to servers across your country. Whatever request you send through internet will route through that servers. If I explain it in simple language, when you use vpn the people at CAPCUT Video editor will think that you are using the app from another country and not from the blocked region. That’s why they will allow you to download and use it without any restrictions.

Now the questions is how to use VPN services and run Capcut ?

Using VPN is not that hard. You just have to download any VPN app and connect it to the regions like USA or Austrelia. If you ask me I recommend Nord VPN.

You can download the app of NordVPN from Apple Appstore(For iphone) or Google playstore(For android). Once you download the app you have to connect it to the USA, China or Korea.

Now open the capcut app and boom! You will be able to use all the features, effects and styles of the Capcut video editor and face no restrictions.


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I know it is lots of hesitation to download the app and to use it. But at the end of the day, it’s the best app in the market with unique effects, styles and transitions. So we can all agree that its worth the effort. If you don’t believe me now then use the app once. You will see from your own eyes that the app is worth the effort.

It is not necessary to use NordVPN Only. You can also use any other VPN service. Just search for VPN In your APP store and install the app. Connect it to the region and you know the drill.

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